Shirdi Sai Travels: How to travel safely in Vietnam

Your safety should be one of your main concerns when travelling abroad. If you are asking yourself whether it is safe to travel to Vietnam, the answer is yes. From the perspective of the large tourism environment, Vietnam has a relatively safe environment for tourists. 

Vietnam’s government paid great attention to creating a safe and secure tourism environment for travellers across the globe. However, one can never be too sure. When it comes to safety, take a look at the travelling concern worth noting before you visit Vietnam:  

1. Traffic safety

The first thing many tourists will see in Vietnam is the countless number of motorcycles on the speeding road in Vietnam. Many friends who have just come into contact with the traffic conditions on the streets of Vietnam are afraid to cross the road. They only need to master the correct method and be at any time. 

Pay attention to the conditions of the surrounding roads and vehicles, and then it is not a problem to slowly cross the road at the right time. Although the roads in Vietnam may seem dangerous, you can also pass safely if you dare to take a step, observe, and walk slowly. 

In addition, when travelling in Vietnam, you can charter a car, have a dedicated driver to drive and take a taxi. These two modes of travel are relatively safe. Some foreign tourists also try to rent a motorbike by themselves during their travels in Vietnam. However, if they are tourists with poor driving skills or tourists who are not familiar with the traffic on the streets of Vietnam, they are more likely to be dangerous. 

2. Food safety

In addition to the authentic Vietnamese specialities that can be tasted in some of the more luxurious restaurants, most of the most traditional and characteristic Vietnamese dishes are found in some street shops or restaurants and roadside stalls. 

One problem that most people will worry about when tasting these foods is food hygiene and safety. The most common delicacy is also the most authentic delicacy. In terms of food hygiene and safety issues, it still depends on the specific situation of the tourists. Perhaps a few tourists with poor gastrointestinal tracts may worry that they will feel uncomfortable after eating. 

3. Public security

Vietnam’s overall social security environment is quite good, and it can be said that it has an excellent tourism security environment. However, in some of the more popular tourist cities or tourist attractions, there are also a few public security crimes, such as pickpocketing, theft, and robbery on the fly, and other regular public security crimes. 

The best way to deal with this type of problem is to increase safety awareness, take good care of your belongings, try not to carry a lot of cash, and store more expensive items in hotels or travel companies as much as possible, and try not to show off your wealth.