Shirdi Sai Travels: Passenger etiquette for a smooth flight

Flying can be a nerve-wracking experience especially if you’re a first-timer. Here at Shirdi Sai Travels, we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about! We want you to experience the best flight possible by providing you with world-class service.

Our pilots will make sure that you will have a smooth flight the moment you take off until you land. Additionally, our flight attendants in the cabin will also meet all of your requests to the best of their power. All that’s left for you to do is kick back and enjoy the flight.

However, before you board the flight, make sure that you’re equipped with the proper passenger etiquette so that you can be the best guest that you can be. To help you achieve this, here are some of the rules of flying that you should follow: 

Always be polite

Whether you’re interacting with the flight attendants or other passengers, make sure to be polite at all times. Don’t act rudely to the staff just because you experienced a minor inconvenience. What you should do instead is to walk them through your situation clearly and they will surely help you in the best way possible.

As far as other passengers are concerned, if they are being rude to you or some other people, let them be and don’t get caught up in the situation. The security will take care of the issue immediately and they won’t take any rudeness acted on the cabin lightly.

Don’t joke about terrorism

Airlines have the right to kick people out of the plane and the airport itself when they hear them joke about terrorism. Aside from being childish, these topics should not be joked about because it is a very sensitive topic. It is also a situation that happens and the crew are trained to act on it.

Keep an eye on your kids

Although you may be used to your kids getting rowdy, some people won’t be thrilled about it. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of other passengers on the plane who just want to relax and travel. Always make sure that you can make an extra effort to keep your kids behaving for the convenience of everyone.

Stay calm at all times

During your flight, you may feel a little turbulence from time to time. When this happens, don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal and the pilots know what they are doing. Just stay calm and keep your composure because if you lose your cool, other passengers might panic as well.

Don’t cut off people in lines

You may encounter several lines during your trip to the airport. There’s one at the security check, boarding gate, the plane itself, etc. When you encounter these lines, never should you cut anyone off. This is considered rude and there’s no reason for it because you will have your turn.

Those are some of the things that you might want to keep in mind during your flight. Make sure to remember these so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of travelling.