Shirdi Sai Travels: Etiquettes to remember when visiting India

Etiquettes are a set of rules you need to follow to avoid unwanted problems arising between you and the people around you. Most of them are mainly rooted in their culture and tradition which you should be aware of in case you are visiting a foreign land. 

India is one of the best examples of having a strict set of rules to abide by. As a tourist, it is your responsibility to be mindful of your actions and the way you speak to the locals there. 

Find out what you need to know before visiting India. Shirdi Sai Travels listed everything you should keep in mind for a hassle-free and responsible trip. 

Avoid PDA

For couples who chose India as their honeymoon destination, you might want to keep your physical affection for each other as little to nothing as possible. They are very strict with anything that involves physical contact especially with the opposite sex so maintain a proper distance between the two of you. 


Indians have high respect for their elders so the proper way of greeting them is by doing their famous salutation of ‘namaste’ while placing both hands together and bowing. Avoid being too friendly by shaking their hands. They have an imaginary line they don’t cross or invade with other people to show respect, so unless they offer their hand first then you can proceed with shaking it. 

Hand gestures

Simple hand gestures in India may mean a lot of things and you don’t want to offend anyone during your stay there. Bearing that in mind, never use your index finger when you’re pointing at something especially if it’s a sacred place or object. This can turn out to be a disrespectful action towards what they find valuable to their country. 

Instead try pointing it with an open palm, facing at the sky, for proper manners. One more thing to add, always use your right hand when eating, passing on food or an object. They believe that your left hand is associated with being unclean and its purpose is for cleaning only. 

Clothing choice

Despite some cities in India having embraced modern living, there are still some who refuse to follow the norm they are used to. They are one of the countries that are very conservative and strict when it comes to dressing codes. Women are more expected to dress up accordingly whenever they go out or visit any sacred places like their temples. 

If you’re a woman and you’re touring around India, you need to bring clothes that will entirely cover your legs, head, and your shoulders. Showing some skin is not a good decision to make a first impression with the locals. Dress conservatively as you can.